You only have to scroll Instagram or Pinterest for a minute to see themed parties are all the rage.

Have you ever actually inquired to see how much one of these events cost to setup? what comes to mind is the phrase "BREAK THE BANK"

BUT first we do have a confession to make!

We are actually already apart of the events industry. Which is why we had to do something about it and come up with an idea.

An idea has been created and POP Drops is born!

We have designed a party package that is affordable to EVERYONE, not just to the clients that have big budgets.

To give you that look of a big-budget event that you see on all the social media platforms but without the crazy cost or setup time.

A party package that is completely portable, folding down to a carry bag.

So remember, if you want to throw an amazing party without that expensive price tag, just think to yourself..... POP! Drop & Party